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Katharina Krus
CEO & Managing Director of leadtributor GmbH. We support companies in managing their multi-level sales in a transparent and targeted manner.

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CRM Lead Management Software for Indirect Sales - Yes, it Exists!

It is now well known in many companies that software tools are indispensable for the modern sales of today and tomorrow. Every successful company needs tools such as CRM systems and marketing automation tools to digitally capture leads and develop them into new customers for a smooth new customer acquisition process.

But what does a digital software solution for indirect sales look like for digital lead management? Read more in this article.

CRM Lead Management Software in Indirect Sales - A Short Case Study

When the system house first came into contact with leadtributor in 2017, it was skeptical: a software where sales activities are displayed transparently for the manufacturer? That sounded like monitoring. After just under two years, they no longer want to do without the web-based sales software. And has even received a partner award in the category leadtributor. 

We spoke to Reiner Stumpf, who is ERP Senior Consultant and Project Manager for Merchandise Management and Time & Attendance at, a company based in Upper Franconia. system house works for the big players. They are international software companies like SAGE, VMware, Sophos and highly specialized providers like Reiner SCT, the leading manufacturer of smart card readers. With such a wide range of customers, however, remains true to its principle:

Only include products in the portfolio whose mode of operation it can master without any gaps.

This is proven by the numerous certifications. After all, customers also need in-depth consulting before and after the purchase. And this is especially important when it's not just about selling software, but about project management. For example, the installation of an ERP system, network technology and plant monitoring. Depending on the requirements, one of the 19 employees takes over the processing of customer inquiries. is the classic provider of holistic solutions. And has been since it was founded in 1992.

The problem: The Many Insular Systems in Lead Management

In the process, the system house increasingly reached its limits. Reiner Stumpf: The lead transfer from the manufacturer is very inconsistent and leads to loud insular systems. We usually receive the leads by telephone or via Outlook. The lead is recorded in the ticket system and forwarded to employees in the company.

The problem is poor reporting.

There is no forecast in this system and also no automatic resubmission: When should a prospect be called back? Nobody can say that. Unless you go into the ticket system and check. This becomes especially problematic when an employee goes on vacation or gets sick. The lead is left behind. And that, as we all know, is poison for business. Because the same applies here as everywhere else:

Speed is the key.

Another disadvantage with most ticket systems: You create a new order, mark it as "in process" or as "completed". What is missing is the status description during the sales process:

Reiner Stumpf:

  • When does which customer expect a callback?
  • What other documents need to be sent to him?
  • Has a draft contract already been sent?
  • In short: What's next?
  • No one who was not entrusted with the lead could say that with us



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The Solution: CRM Lead Management Software that Monitors Lead Status

Reiner Stumpf recognized the problem. And had a solution at the ready:

Leadtributor Favicon

the leadtributor.

At a partner conference in 2017, it was decided to make the introduction of leadtributor mandatory for all partners. This was intended to make lead management more transparent.

The speciality:


With the SaaS lead crm software leadtributor, leads are not only distributed according to defined matching mechanisms.


The processing sales partner is also required to report continuously on the status of lead processing.


Anyone who goes to the lead distribution system desktop can see when which lead was contacted or visited, whether they received information, and what next steps are pending.


The Advantages of CRM Lead Management Software in Indirect Sales

Reiner Stumpf: We were very skeptical at the beginning. We were actually supposed to make our processes transparent for the manufacturer and were, in a sense, forced to communicate constant updates. That sounded like paternalism. However, it quickly became clear to us that we have a lot of advantages with the lead crm software:

  • First, the leads are offered according to very precise criteria: regional proximity to the prospect and qualification of the system house
  • Then sales partners who have free resources can pick a lead. Up to three leads at a time.

"If you don't report on the progress of lead processing, you can't 'pick' a new one for the time being. I think that's very fair to us sales partners. This way, no one stuffs their pipeline full, even if they don't have time to work through the leads." - Reiner Stumpf

The fact that leadtributor automatically reminds the sales partner when an appointment is due - a callback, a draft contract, the sending of a product brochure - also means that interested parties are processed more quickly. Since then, the collaboration with Reiner SCT has been even more cooperative.

"It would be great if all the manufacturers we partnered with used the same easy-to-use, clear lead distribution software. For us, that would make our job a lot easier."

Reiner Stumpf

Your leadtributor-Team

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