Put an end to lost customer inquiries and non-follow-up leads

How Huawei handles customer inquiries quickly and competently through the right channel partner and keeps customers happy

What you'll learn in this case study:

  • How to never lose leads through sales partners again and handle customer inquiries quickly so that no more sales "lie idle"
  • How leads are transferred to the right sales partner quickly and completely automatically, so you don't have to worry about a thing
  • How to have all key figures of your sales partners and lead processes at a glance to avoid wrong and gut decisions

"Before implementing leadtributor, creating an overview of distributed customer inquiries was extremely time-consuming to set up."

HUAWEI is one of the largest providers of information technology and telecommunications solutions worldwide.

As Marketing Manager at HUAWEI, Chrsitian Grahl knows: The key to success lies in the rapid processing of customer inquiries by a suitable sales partner and in a standardized database for the optimization of existing processes.

However, the situation is different for most organizations with an indirect sales force: Customer inquiries are not answered for days, dissatisfaction grows and potential sales are "left lying around".

Or: lead processes are not tracked transparently and there is no common database among sales partners and distributors that can be evaluated and optimized.

Exactly here lies an enormous potential for companies in multi-level sales, which HUAWEI has exploited with leadtributor. Leads are transferred transparently and lead processing is documented centrally, and key figure overviews can be compiled at the push of a button.

The result? More sales, satisfied customers and less effort in processing customer inquiries.

Every day, customer inquiries are processed quickly by the appropriate sales partner and more revenue is generated from customer inquiries. Learn in this case study how you can manage your indirect sales 100% transparently and predictably.

Chrsitian Grahl

Chrsitian Grahl

Marketing Manager HUAWEI

HUAWEI's challenges in indirect sales

Customer inquiries are lost

Customer inquiries are manually transferred to the appropriate sales partners via phone, email, and Excel lists, resulting in "lost" leads.

Key figures not at a glance

Gathering all the metrics in the lead nurturing process requires a lot of tedious follow-up with sales partners.

Opaque lead processes

The process from prospect to customer is not consistently transparent and traceable after lead handover to the sales partner

The solution: leadtributor

Quickly contact leads

Customer inquiries are forwarded in seconds to the appropriate sales partner, who contacts the lead immediately.

Relief for partners

Central access to all key figures of the entire lead process allows you to create key figure overviews at the push of a button.

Clear customer processes

Through fully digital processes, even after the lead has been handed over, you can identify breaking points and potential in your dealers' customer process.

leadtributor works for you too

Thanks to leadtributor, HUAWEI can forward customer inquiries automatically and completely transparently to the appropriate sales partner, who processes the inquiry immediately. The fast processing of inquiries increases customer satisfaction and has a positive effect on the company's development.

In the video you can see in only 3 min how leadtributor works!

This is what satisfied customers say...

From a small company with only a few leads to a large corporation with a high number of leads: leadtributor significantly facilitates the work in indirect sales and demonstrably increases your sales as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

Alexander Grams

Channel Development SAP

"Many CRM systems do not offer a viable solution for efficient and effective lead management with sales partners. Here, leadtributor is an ideal addition to existing CRM systems. Lead and pipeline management by phone, email and Excel is then finally passe`."

Peter Dewald

Peter Dewald

former CEO Sage

"I support Leadtributor because I am convinced of the product. It's exactly what I was missing during my 18 years at Apple and Sage."

Norbert Schuster

CEO Strike2

"For me, leadtributor is the ideal complement to marketing automation and CRM systems. For lead handover to partners, dealers and distributors, I develop matching models and handover parameters to accompany leads in the trade to closing."

The leadtributor is perfect for you if...

...you want more transparency in the lead processing of your sales partners and dealers
...you are not able to control your indirect sales 100% with existing CRM systems and marketing automation tools.
...you are tired of handed over leads not being followed up quickly by your dealers and therefore "losing" sales

Your non-binding introductory meeting

Let's get to know each other over the phone and see if leadtributor is an ideal solution for you.

We will not abandon you

The introduction and testing of a new software can be very time-consuming and stressful. That's why we offer you a personal onboarding and set-up already in the free trial phase, so that you can test all functions of leadtributor for your business.

My suggestion: Let us get to know each other personally on the phone and see if leadtributor is a suitable solution for you in indirect sales.

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