Forget CRM systems in indirect sales!  

Learn in the short video (3 min) how leadtributor, as a special tool for multi-level sales, significantly facilitates your work with sales partners and dealers.

Classic CRM vs. leadtributor:

  • typical tools are for contacts and leads that remain central to the company. leadtributor shows you the ongoing lead history even after the lead has been handed over
  • with typical tools you have to get the metrics manually from your merchants after the lead handover. With leadtributor you have access to the data yourself
  • in typical tools you and your dealers have to learn laboriously. Leadributor takes care of the set-up and onboarding for you and your dealers.

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and see if leadtributor would be an ideal solution for you.

Your advantages through leadtributor at a glance

leadtributor is a special tool from multilevel sales for multilevel sales

All key figures at a glance

Easily view important KPIs of your dealers and create your reporting for the next sales meeting without time-consuming queries to your dealers

Transparency with leads

See the lead processing of your transferred leads to your sales partners and identify early on target break points after the lead has been transferred

Simply more turnover

No leads can be "forgotten". Transparent processes mean that leads are quickly followed up by your partners, which means more sales for your company.

This is what satisfied customers say...

From a small company with only a few leads to a large corporation with a high number of leads: leadtributor significantly facilitates the work in indirect sales and demonstrably increases your sales as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

Alexander Grams

Channel Development SAP

"Many CRM systems do not offer a viable solution for efficient and effective lead management with sales partners. Here, leadtributor is an ideal addition to existing CRM systems. Lead and pipeline management by phone, email and Excel is then finally passe`."

Peter Dewald

Peter Dewald

former CEO Sage

"I support Leadtributor because I am convinced of the product. It's exactly what I was missing during my 18 years at Apple and Sage."

Norbert Schuster

CEO Strike2

"For me, leadtributor is the ideal complement to marketing automation and CRM systems. For lead handover to partners, dealers and distributors, I develop matching models and handover parameters to accompany leads in the trade to closing."

The leadtributor is perfect for you if... want more transparency in the lead processing of your sales partners and dealers cannot control your indirect sales 100% with existing CRM systems and marketing automation tools are tired of handed over leads not being followed up quickly by your dealers and therefore "losing" sales

Your non-binding introductory meeting

Let's get to know each other over the phone and see if leadtributor is an ideal solution for you.

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