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We'll show you personally how you as a manufacturing company can work digitally and automated with dealers and win more end customers together

All advantages of leadtributor at a glance

Automatic lead distribution

Distribute your customer requests to your dealers fully automatically (e.g. based on the postal code). This way, the right dealer always gets your customer request.
Quick lead editing
Innovative processes from over 25 years of experience ensure that every customer inquiry is handled immediately by your dealers.
Fast editing feedback
No more asking and begging for feedback. Intelligent processes ensure 100% feedback. Anytime, anywhere. Get in the driver's seat!
Consistent reporting
Let the leadtributor do your work. He monitors all leads. And ensures that your end customers receive the best possible service.
High cost savings
Free your team from manual tasks. Leads are automatically captured and immediately transferred to intelligent processing.
Get started immediately
Ready to go in minutes. Invite your merchants for lead processing in no time. Simply register and get started.

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