Factsheet for manufacturers with reseller distribution

Winning more end customers in a structured and orderly manner with specialist partners

All advantages at a glance: How leadtributor helps you as a manufacturer to process the numerous contact requests digitally and completely automated with trading partners, so that you have more time for your daily business again.

In the factsheet you will learn:

  • How to automatically route customer inquiries to the exact trading partner you need, eliminating the hassle of lead distribution
  • How to keep track of all leads at all times and automatically gather feedback from your specialist partners on the status of customer inquiries
  • How you can use the "9 Step System" to automatically manage sales representatives, process customer inquiries quickly and always have a crystal-clear overview of all contacts in the customer process.

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The factsheet is perfect for you if...


As an internal sales manager, you have to process a lot of customer inquiries and leads and forward them to suitable trading partners.


As a marketing or sales manager, you want to keep track of and evaluate your prospects and specialist partners.


If you have a reseller sales force and are looking for a suitable lead management system that all parties can work with

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